Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Birthday Wishes Campaign gets started…..

The scrumptious cupcakes are ready and the campaign to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Convention of the Reduction of Statelessness is heading out on the road….!

The Stateless Programme of Tilburg Law School is packing everything into the car, ready to tour the Netherlands today, Tuesday 30th August, to honour this date. Birthday cupcakes shall be delivered to organizations and individuals interested in Statelessness across the country.  Recipients will be asked to make a wish outlining their aims of what they want to see in addressing the issue of Statelessness.   The objective is to raise awareness of the phenomenon of statelessness in the Netherlands and to encourage further debate among stakeholders. 

Our early start will begin in Utrecht following on to Amsterdam, then The Hague and ending our evening in Rotterdam.  The tour will include meetings with international and national NGOs, government officials, UN bodies and stateless people.  Amnesty International, Wereldhuis,  former Dutch Minster Jan Pronk, the High Commissioner for National Minorities, the IOM and the Dutch Human Rights Ambassador are just a few of the meetings we have lined up.

We will also be handing out a card with information about statelessness, the work of the Statelessness Programme and details of follow-up activities, including a symposium entitled “Voiceless, Faceless, Stateless” that will take place in Tilburg on 3 November 2011, to all the 50 cupcake recipients.

Join us on our journey; see the pictures and read the wishes throughout the day on our twitter account @statelessprog

Happy Birthday Convention!  

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